Wild Women Expeditions


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From Manually Qualifying Leads to Saving 45 Hours Per Month using Automation

Company: Wild Women Expeditions

Website: http://wildwomenexpeditions.com/

Business Niche: International Women’s Outdoor Travel Packages

Size: 5-10 Employees

The Challenge

How could we use automation to reduce the time it takes to screen and process  customers who book trips online so we do not waste our time and theirs. What made this a challenge was that there were 5 stages each traveler has to go through before they were accepted on the trip.  
With this fact Wild Women Staff would have to process each submission and repeat the same tasks because the website submissions has to be exported to master excel spreadsheet where all manual got started. To overcome this challenge there had to be more of an automated process where web submissions would start a automated funnel so the business could take on more business with less effort.

The Solution

  • Infusionsoft ecommerce order forms and shopping cart setup and custom configuration
  • Building out trip specific automated campaigns for each trip to ensure all travelers go through the 5 step process before the trip started
  • Credit card subscription automation

Automation Wins


Trips are being purchased and followed up with


Increased Sales on Average


Saved due to automated processes

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