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From Manually Qualifying Leads to Saving 45 Hours Per Month using Automation

Company: Rock & Rapid


Business Niche: Outdoor travel and adventure for youth and adults

Size: 8-10 Employees

Rock & Rapid Background

When Keith Crockford started Rock and Rapid Adventures in 2007, it wasn’t to make loads of money. He did it to have the freedom to travel when and where he pleased, and to give people life-altering experiences. Starting out, Rock and Rapid served only school groups, taking groups of 15- to 18-year-olds on local adventures in North Devon and on expeditions overseas. It was the change Keith saw in those students that made his job worthwhile.

In its early days, Rock and Rapid consisted of three employees, who often worked 18-hour days out of an office in a cottage. Keith had plans to buy the cottage because of its on-site accommodation, which would have been ideal in housing the students they were traveling with. Unable to buy the cottage himself, Keith turned to his retired friend Gordon, a former small business owner, who agreed to buy the cottage and bought 50 percent of Rock and Rapid to maintain interest.

What Was the Motivation to Change?

  1. What made automation attractive was while the staff was away from the office leading excursions, it was impossible to respond to the emails that came in. The company needed a system that would manage and automate marketing so staff could focus on leading trips.
  2. The second challenge to this type of business was the seasonality of his industry (and the struggle of keeping staff on full-time) caused a cycle of ups and downs. So between these times marketing and word-of-mouth would bring in customers who would participate in excursions in the up times, but between excursions there was no revenue to run the business in the down times.
  3. To manage their customer journey so prospects and new customers are taken through campaigns so they are all get to know Rock and Rapid as a company, and are then routed down different campaigns (tributaries, if you will) based on their interests.

Solutions to the Challenges

  1. It introduced the business to the idea of list building and allowed him to see the value of keeping in touch with every customer or potential customer—something he now does automatically.
  2. Using technology to establish a relationship with customers, and ensure they know and trust the company. It allows them to provide the high level of customer service they feel is missing from many adventure companies (and helps them differentiate Rock and Rapid from the competition). Technology also makes it possible to limit staffing costs and automate internal tasks, making day-to-day operations that much easier.
  3. Because the company utilizes technology to run their business, employees are able to spend more time with their families.

The Future

Keith (owner of Rock and Rapid) plans to use the staff and the technology he has to scale the business—rather than investing in additional staff.The company is using sales and marketing software to handle more customers, and automating processes that will allow them to do more with the resources available.

Automation Wins


Are saved by educating parents about trips through automation.

Dollars Each Month

Savings in not having to hire office staff.


Increase in new adventure packages from previous year without Infusionsoft.

Campaign Builder In Action


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