Riviera Advisors


How We Generated 6 Opportunities in 12 Days

Company: Riviera Advisors
Website: ww.rivieraadvisors.com
Business Niche: We are a premier global human resources consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations develop stronger internal recruiting and staffing capabilities.
Size: 5-10
Location: Long Beach, California

Why Riviera Advisers Worked With Kickstart?

At Riviera Advisors (RA), at any give time they can only work with two or three large projects at a time as most of their clients have an employee size over 1000+ with a recruiting plan of bring on 300-1000 new staff.  A major driver to obtaining these high level clients has been from attending networking events and from sales of their HR managers DIY books they sell on amazon. These marketing campaigns they noted are great but lately the type of clients they have been attracting are smaller size companies. What was needed is a campaign that could scale and bring in very qualified leads without much effort and cost compared to traveling to expensive trade shows and networking events.

The solution was a free book automated campaign (see video on how this campaign works).

RA can now start marketing this campaign to prospects in their target industry with automation now segmenting his leads, booking new discovery meetings, and following up with prospects in the future.

The Challenge To Solve

The challenge at RA was how to take the free book idea and implement it in infusionsoft to meet the goals and objectives to ensure a 60% lead conversion rate. 

The Solution To Find New Clients!

The overall solution was meet with helping the client with custom automation work that included custom php work, 3rd party plugins, and lots of testing to make sure it met the clients expectations. The plan now is to use this campaign to generate $140,000 in new projects for 2017.

"Before working with Kickstart Automation other providers proposed 15-20k to help me implement where Kickstart got it done for me in half the time with it less than half of what was proposed. "
Jeremy Eskenazi

Automation Wins

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