Florida Roof Top Solutions

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30% Increase Lead Retention

Company: Roof Top Solutions
Website: https://floridarooftopsolutions.com
Business Niche: Providing commercial and residential roof services in Miami area for the last 15 years.
Size: 5-10 Employees

The Challenge

At Roof Top Solutions, their challenge to grow the business by $300k, wasn’t attracting new leads but missing a lead intake strategy to book free consultation while they were out on the job site.  Like many small businesses this is always the challenge to invest into new business opportunities but not 

Before marketing automation, the owner, was getting 5+/- leads from his website and his call center per day. The problem was that he didn’t have enough time or have the budget to hire someone to follow-up with these leads to schedule a discovery call to start the sales process.

So at the end of each day, the business was getting fresh new leads from its website and from other lead generation campaigns but did not have a system/process to manage the follow-ups needed to re-engage with warm and cold leads to book a free consultation.

How to improve the business by converting more prospects into new sales while making the staff more productive in the busy months.

The Solution

By connecting his website and call center to Infusionsoft it now has enabled, Roof Top Solutions, to start following-up with all of his hot and cold leads to book a free consultation with him. This campaign has been built to:

  • Educate new leads about getting a new roof
  • Allows prospects to see what times the business owner has open to chat
  • Creates a task for the owner to follow-up
  • If the prospect does not book a time and if owner forgets to follow up the automation will keep following up the prospect until they book a time or indicate they are not interested anymore.

Automation Wins


Communication is now set in stone so no more sales emails with typos or forgetting to educate the customer


Of leads are being followed up with


Increase In Sales

Closing more clients than before with new affordable monthly payment plans with Infusionsoft.

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