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Helping the sales team to close 30% in new sales

Company: Elizabethan.com
Website: www.elizabethan.com
Business Niche: Catering for weddings and corporate events since 1983
Size: 20-30 Employees

The Challenge

At Elizabethan Catering with a 15 staff members  based in Edmonton, Alberta that have been in catering business for last 30 years. Starting in 2017 they got infusionsoft to help them from the last 5 years where they have been consistently been getting 3 inquiries per week and only closing 2 per month. The reason why this sales problem existed is because the sales team is so wrapped up in the all steps and processes it takes to work with one customer.

What made infusionsoft attractive was the ability to streamline their sales processes so they could handle more prospects and move them down the sales process faster to close 5 leads per per month an extra $230,000 in new sales.

How to improve the business by converting more prospects into new sales while making the staff more productive in the busy months.

The Solution

Working together we built 4 different sales pipelines (weddings, funnel, personal, corporate) so we could customize the email and follow up based on the customer type. Today Elizabethan’s sales team now

  • follows their sales pipeline to keep them organized and move prospects to clients 50% faster than before.
  • get more work done as they can take on more clients while their customers get the right follow at the right time so they are never in the dark.
  • gets increased commission checks of $3500-6000 more per month

Automation Wins


Communication is now set in stone so no more sales emails with typos or forgetting to educate the customer


Of leads are being followed up with


Increase In Sales

Closing more clients than before with new affordable monthly payment plans with Infusionsoft.

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