Clear Chiropractic Spokane

Dinner With Doc At Glover Mansion


How The Campaign Worked From $0 to $30,000 in 30 Days!

Company: Clear Chiro Spokane
Business Niche: Chiropractic Care
Size: 8-10 Employees

Why Clear Chrio Got Infusionsoft?

At Clear Chiro a local family chiropractor were super motivated of bringing in a marketing automation CRM into the business because they didn’t have a system to actively communicate and educate their new and ongoing clients. Now with Infusionsoft they can start streamlining all of their processes to become more consist and save time.

The Challenge To Solve

The immediate challenge at Clear Chrio was whether Infusionsoft could help attract new potential patients to their upcoming dinner and presentation at the Glover Mansion. This free ‘Dinner with Doc’ event is held twice a year and is a major driver that generates new patients into the business.

In the past this kind of event has been successful in attracting more or less 15 new clients per event, however, what Clear Chro was missing was a formal process to help streamline all the different elements it takes to run this such an event.

The Solution To Find New Clients!

After building out this marketing event automated campaign and launching it in 30 days it started right away RSVPing their existing clients and their new prospective clients. The secret to this campaign was that for every one new signup they needed to bring a friend or family before receiving their free dinner.

By solving this challenge the campaign attracted more than 40 new clients valued at $30,000 USD in the first year in of services. See the video to find out how it worked!

Now that Clear Chro has an automated process, they can keep track of who’s attending their event, email their attendees, and engage more with guests after the event to get consultations scheduled.

"From start to finish in our one-month Infusionsoft Kickstart, Kyle, listened and helped us get started with infusionsoft. We look forward to working with him in the near future!"
Dr. Bell Rachae

Automation Wins

Total Guests

New Clients

Campaign Launch to Win

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