Access Retirement Group

Watch The Automation

Helping the marketing team to keep re-engageing with old leads

Business Niche: Providing a variety of insurance products & plans designed to meet the needs for those seeking Deferred Sales Trusts and IRA’s.
Size: 10 Employees

The Challenge

The sole marketing expense and marketing campaign to generate new opportunities for Access Retirement Group is providing local lunch and dinner learning events in the Orange County. The challenge was that many leads after the event were not being touched if they did not book a 1-on-1 consultation.

The Solution

To trigger automation and follow up a event form was created for the event manager to input what happened with each attendee.

  • After the first 30 days of implementing this solution one call back book goal was achieved.
  • The campaign is now following up with 1200 past attendees each month
  •  25%  average email engagement rate

Automation Wins


More Engagement

Now able to keep in touch with more leads than before

New Bookings Every Every 90 Days

Automated follow-up is now triggering new 1-on-1’s call requests from past attendees from previous lunch and learns’.

Monthly Emails Sent

With follow-up built the system can now email and educate past prospects on behalf of the lead owner at Access Retirement Group.

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