Streamlined Business Solutions For Trades Based Business

Win More Opportunities & Reduce Stresses In Your Trade Based Business

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"Its tough enough to get client projects done BUT to run a company as well is sometimes even harder, so that's why we have developed a system that will streamline your business to help you grow and organize your trade based business in less time."

Streamline Your Business If You Want To:

Stay Organized

Streamlined Automation Systems To Keep You Organized

Reduce Stress

Stop Stressing About All The Different Follow-Ups Each Client Demand

Work Less

With Processes In Place You Can Spend More Time With Your Family

Get Paid On Time

With Automated Billing So You Get Paid On Time

How We Streamline Your Business:

Collect Better Leads

Tried of getting leads that waste your time? Using our system will collect and ask the right questions so you can prioritize faster than before how to start quoting out new prospects.

Quote On Jobs That Do Not Waste Your Time

Tried of quoting on projects not worth your time or those that you sent but forget to follow up? Well our system will help you with both.

Winning The Job & Getting Paid

Great you won the job but getting paid on time is another problem and time consuming ? With a automated payment schedule you can ensure your clients will pay on time.

Making The Client Happy

Not enough time to follow up to see if the client is happy or not? With our solution you can send a email check-in with your client and get feedback they might not say on the job site.

Getting New Referrals

Don’t have time to follow up to get referrals that will generate new business? After the job is complete find out what they thought of the job and if they liked it why not get a referral or positive review that you can share with new prospects.

See How Toronto Painters Grew 300%

Behind every job completed by Home Painters Toronto is a sophisticated sales and marketing machine. While many businesses struggle to formulate a strategy (let alone execute it), Home Painters Toronto is consistently closing sales at a rate above 30%, and growing volume to achieve over $1 million in annual revenue.

Average closing rate 30%
Increase in new sales $1,500,000 Million
30x Lead 
Flow Velocity 550 leads to 6640 leads per Year
Increased vacation days 50 to 75 Vacation Days

(Download To See How Toronto Painters Did It!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do l get started?

We start with a conversation to learn more about your business and review what systems are in place today. That discussion will help us recommend a plan tailored to fit your painting business unique needs.

For example, if you don’t have a website in place we need to start there. Or if you have a website, we may just need to make a few tweaks, and add these campaigns to get you going.

Getting this streamlined system launched is simple, and we take you through all 3 phases. First we Setup, then Customize and lastly Training for you and your staff.

How much does it cost?

There is ONLY a one time setup fee to to launch this system. The price ranges from $1,700 – $2,500.  The range in price depends on the level of complexity and time we need to spend to setting up, customizing and train you and your team. Again, this is only a 1 time cost, and we prefer to adopt simple solutions.

After this one time setup the monthly reoccurring payment can range from $299 to $800 based on support and software license is needed.

What kind of business is this solution designed for?

This marketing and sales system is designed for those existing trade based businesses that have been operating for over 3+ years and stuck making $300,000 – $500,000 in gross sales per year.  This solution will systemize your businesses to become more competitive and save time while ramping up the business.

What system are you using?

Infusionsoft is a cloud based sales and marketing automation customer relationship management software (CRM). This CRM stores all of your leads, customers, orders, processes, opportunities and more.  Our 3 templates are built using infusionsoft so you have a system tailored for your business needs.

Do you supply the content in your solution?


We provide the email content that is ready to be changed and swap out our logos with yours. The major reason why many business never end up implementing the automation into their business is because the time to write the content takes resources and strategy that they don’t have. So yes these campaigns include made content to get you started!

What if l am already using infusionsoft?

Great that makes it easier for the setup!

In this case we need to do a needs assessment first before we import these funnels into your application. Book a demo time or call us today to get started.

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Meet The Team!

Kyle has worked in the sales and marketing space for the last 15 years and the last 4 years working specifically inside of infusionsoft. At Automated Painter Kyle is responsible seeing if our solution could help or not.

Kyle Robinson

Business Developmet & Sales

Before Automated Painter Kelsey worked at infusionsoft. Since leaving Infusoinsoft HQ he has been working with painting companies implement sales and marketing automation.

Kelsey Bratcher

Implementation & Support

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