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The 8 Gaps Coaches Can Improve Their Business This 2016 Using Automation

Sometimes l think it was easy to run a business back in the 1950’s (from watching old movies), because it has gotten so complex today that it’s tough to know where to focus your resources to scale your business. Thats why l think in the 1950’s it was so much easer, because all you had to do was have an ad in the yellow pages to make the phone ring, that’s not the case today.  What Gaps Are We Talking About? Well, like many small business owners like myself, time, is the factor that will stop me from doing many of the little things to help me grow my business.  In the speaking and coaching industry we have noticed these gaps holding businesses from not getting to the next level because it’s been a combination of not: Offering super valuable lead magnets Attracting enough leads to attend live events Launching a new program …

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