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"Let Us Help You Streamline Your Trade Based Business So You Can Grow Your Business With Less Stress Using Our Marketing & Sales Automated Solution."
Kyle Robinson - Small Business Growth Automation Expert

How You Convert Your Prospects To Clients Today

(See How Automation Can Streamline The Process)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do l get started?

You need a website. Contacts us so we can learn more about your business, goals, and the motivation on why you are looking to change.  Based on this information we we can assess what plan is perfect for you to get started.

There are three phases (setup, customization, and training) to complete in the first month before you’re business can start winning more quotes and spending less time to grow your business!

How much does it cost?

Their is a one time setup cost in the first month to connect your website to our 3 infusionsoft campaigns. This one time setup cost ranges $650-$5,000 based on your needs and goals in the first month.

After the first month if needed their is on-going maintenance, training, and new campaigns updates. To licence infusionsoft the monthly cost is starting at $199

What kind of panting business is this solution designed for?

This marketing and sales system is designed for example for existing painting businesses that have been operating for over 3 years and stuck making $300,000 per year.  Painting business owners who are looking for a solution that will systemize their businesses to become more competitive and save more time.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a cloud based sales and marketing automation system. This tool stores all of your leads, customers, orders, processes, opportunities and more. Why we use infusionsoft is because our 3 templates are built using infusionsoft plus the tool is designed and used for many small businesses to automate their business.

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Meet The Team!

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Kyle Robinson” position=”Business Developmet & Sales” description=”Kyle has worked in the sales and marketing space for the last 15 years and the last 4 years working specifically inside of infusionsoft. At Automated Painter Kyle is responsible seeing if our solution could help or not. ” photo=”2913″]
[vsc-team-member-new name=”Kelsey Bratcher” position=”Implementation & Support” description=”Before Automated Painter Kelsey worked at infusionsoft. Since leaving Infusoinsoft HQ he has been working with painting companies implement sales and marketing automation.” photo=”3063″]

Why Add Automation To Your Painting Business?

Our 3 automated campaigns is a solution for painting companies who NEED a solution that will streamline their businesses so they can grow their business while reducing their costs and stress it takes to scale a business.

These Campaigns Win More Projects:

  1. Qualify New Lead
  2. Provide Quote
  3. Book Job
  4. Complete Job – Get Money

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