Is It Infusionsoft Or Confusionsoft?

The very first days of me becoming a certified partner I have always heard of those who called the software Confusionsoft and not Infusionsoft. So over these 3 or so years since being a Infusionsoft certified partner I can now better sympathize why past businesses have used the software and came away with a bad taste in their mouth.

So if you allow me, let me share, with you why people get this bad taste in their mouth so if you are thinking of using infusionsoft l can give you some tips so you don’t fall in this frustration and confusion boat.

The main reason why many business first sign-up to infusionsoft (Sales/Marketing CRM) is to help them run their business more efficiently and streamline their business so they become more competitive by moving more prospects into customers with less effort.

So Why Do So Many People Call It Confusionsoft?

Here is why:

This blank canvas screen above is where 50-75% of new users get confused and never implement anything and then hold on to Infusionsoft for about a year then drop off. Why nothing happens is because their is no strategy planned out first before going into the campaign builder.

3 Tips So You Do Not Get The Infusionsoft Blues:

  1. Why not get some sun and go to Arizona and take their Infusionsoft University courses (Low budget, management needs me to learn).
  2. Before starting to build out a campaign take a white piece of paper and draw out first then go into the campaign builder. After its built use the first infusionsoft live support to test out with you. (No budget, have time to learn).
  3. Work with a infusionsoft partner like myself to help, train, implement to get you started faster. (Have budget and need to get this up running now)

3 Tips that Infusionsoft Might Not Be A Good Fit:

  1. If the business is purely a online type of business with online products and services Hubspot might have more specific tools for this type of business (marketing/advertising agencies, ecom sites etc). Infusionsoft could still work with the right plugins.
  2. If the business has different departments with employees over 50, Salesforce might be a better fit as its designed for more larger size of organizations.
  3. If $299/month is to much and you only need marketing automation not sales automation maybe active campaign might be a better option.
  4. Not enough time or motivation to change.

3 Tips That Infusionsoft Might Be A Good Fit:

  1. You either have a winning marketing/sales process or need to establish a process but need a system that it can be implemented in (Example: I want to build out a sales process that my sales team always follow and complete when we get a new prospect that call or email).
  2. Timing is important so if you forget you could either lose the business or it could frustrate your current clients. (Example: Every tax year l need to remind my clients to complete these forms and if they forget l need automation to follow up with them until it gets done. If my clients forget and they receive fines they blame me).
  3. You get payment for your services/product and need a system that has flexible payment options plus automation that kicks off when certain payments are made.
  4. You run a small/medium operation and want to grow the business but do not want to hire more staff as business expands (Example: have automation do the work/tasks than hiring more staff).

At this point in time l hope you found this article to be helpful so that it sheds some more light on to why some people call it Confusionsoft and not Infusionsoft. The key is making sure if this CRM is the right fit for your business. If Infusionsoft sounds like a great fit next is drawing out a strategy or writing out the problems the businesses is having so you can get started and building out infuisonsoft campaigns for your business.

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