The 8 Gaps Coaches Can Improve Their Business This 2016 Using Automation

Sometimes l think it was easy to run a business back in the 1950’s (from watching old movies), because it has gotten so complex today that it’s tough to know where to focus your resources to scale your business. Thats why l think in the 1950’s it was so much easer, because all you had to do was have an ad in the yellow pages to make the phone ring, that’s not the case today. 

What Gaps Are We Talking About?

Well, like many small business owners like myself, time, is the factor that will stop me from doing many of the little things to help me grow my business.  In the speaking and coaching industry we have noticed these gaps holding businesses from not getting to the next level because it’s been a combination of not:

  1. Offering super valuable lead magnets
  2. Attracting enough leads to attend live events
  3. Launching a new program because takes too much time and investment and frustrating
  4. Educating leads before and after the event then presenting the offer at the right time
  5. Following-up with prospects and providing additional offers that might interest them into the future
  6. Building a referral partner network that will help build your business
  7. Collecting payment with ease from your clients and attendees
  8. Wowing your new attendees and clients with a special gift, asking for feedback, and/or asking to referrer their friends

That’s why it’s so difficult for many businesses to scale and grow a business today, because there are so many little things to do and the only way to get this all done is by having a genie in a bottle!

What’s The Solution?

To address these pain points above, we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a collection of different tools and strategies (lifecycle marketing, image below) into one  “done for you” sales and marketing automation machine. This solution has been designed for those busy business owners who really really really… want the tools and help to get it setup so they have a system that’s helping run their business while they asleep.

We help coaches and speakers get to the next level by lauching these 5 automated funnels into their business:

  1. Attracting new leads from online sources and entering into a automated evergreen webinar funnel then following up an offer (funnel 1).
  2. Educating your prospects not ready to buy using a 90 lead nurturing using existing content and offers (funnel 2).
  3. Upselling new customers/clients based on their first purchased to other similar products/services (funnel 3).
  4. Live event automation to manage ticket sales,promos, and follow up strategy (funnel 4).
  5. Wowing your new clients that will give a free gift to increase good will then ask for referrals (funnel 5).

These funnels do not complete all of the gaps but they do give a coach the ability to streamline and expand focusing on the core principles of running a solid business! The secret sauce is a mixture of sales and marketing automation tools and our work with you strategy, so you can position your business to be a revenue driving machine while you sleep! Make sure to check out our next upcoming webinar where we go over the tools and strategies in more detail.

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