How Accounting Firms Are Solving The Number 1 Time Killer

In this video blog topic we’re looking into why a Infusionsoft campaign was needed to solve some of time killers, following up with clients or contractors takes to get them to fill out the respective forms.

The video below show how we solved the problems a previous clients admin staff were suffering from on a daily basis. In this scenario their problems were:

  1. Following-up with their contractors to complete their w-9 was taking away valuable time away from their client paid work projects.
  2. If they didn’t follow up with their contractors the w-9 came in late and had errors.
  3. The Office staff were stressed to ensure they were following up with their contractors.
  4. The Office manager was seeing that their staff was spending to much time with their follow-up and wanted their staff to become more productive by getting more done in one hour of work.

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